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Well, we finally did it, we got to the last page of this website. There are two interesting points about that fact.

1. You're still looking our advertising program over which is a good thing.

2. Your going to find out that you can afford this advertising and in a rather short time you'll begin to see and feel the increased activity with your main website and in turn the sales of your products/services.

I mentioned that there are several things that will make your adverting plan work, believe it or not, the most important (and there are two things) is that you have a plan large enough to reach and effort your business. Then we have to spend the entire amount each and every day/month.

Every business has a range where they sell. Example a pizza shop has 1/2 mile selling range. So you market to your customers' in that area. The smallest area so you have the maximum concentration of ads. A furniture store, on the other hand, can have a 10-mile selling area. If they have the same budget as the pizza shop the number of ads will be spared and reach less potential customers. And will be less effective and will not achieve the desired effort.

So, how does this work for me, for my business? Each business is different but not only because of what they sell but the selling area and number of potential customers in that area. As I mentioned I have 6 different elements in every advertising plan, each with the same elements. These elements work for every business and give similar results as long as it's scaled properly.

Our starting package is for the business like the pizza shop. The amount for this package start at: $1,200. @ month. Suggest footprint is: your town, 3 - 5 Key phases, on all our platforms.
This package is for the next level up, it starts at: $2,000. @ month. Suggest footprint is: Your town plus two additional towns. 5 - 10 Key phases on all our platforms. Maximum spend for Google ads.
This package is the next level up it starts at: $3,500. @ month. Suggest footprint is: Your area and 20 to 25 mile radius around your business. 20 Key phases in 2 -3 profit centers. Platforms will be adjusted to bring best results. Optional ads can be added for larger reach and effect at more money. (Fees will be charge for some of the optional services.)
This package is the top level, it starts at: $5,000+ @ month. You will receive a second Landing Page with this package and Unlimited Key Phases* with up to 5 profit centers, and at least 50 mile radius around your business and up to 2 major cities. (within 100 miles of your business). Optional ads are available with additional fees.

* Unlimited is ment to convey that a large number of Key words and phases will be used.

So you have lots of questions?  I hope the answer is yes.

Look thoughts 4-foot steps up above can only make you feel one of two ways.  1. Oh no, I can't afford that kind of money and It can't cost that much money!  2. Do you mean it only cost that much money and I can be on the first page of Google where 88% of all of today's searches are going to be conducted!  Great, let's get started. If for some crazy reason you did not have either of these two feeling, then you have a hobby and not a business check some where else on the internet for help.  Look, If $1,200 a month is a lot of money for you we can start smaller the results will be harder to work with but never the less it can still work, but you really could be to small to compete in today's' market.  Sorry  

But, I'm offering a FREE $499. video to promote your business and you can used that on your own website, YouTube or in Emails.