Back Street

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With this first choice, you will ensure that your business will take the necessary steps to stand out. But stand out where? Main Street, Side Street or Back Street this is the most critical decision you will make for your business. The type of business is not as important as your customer's ability to see it on Google Search. If you're not on the first three pages of a Google search, your business is on the Back Street, not Main Street.
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You Must be found.

Not there yet.
We all know how important it is to be on Main Street. Think of the real estate adage, " location, location, location." I started my first business in October of 1974, knowing that if I didn't get an ad into the phone book, I wouldn't have a company in October '75. The survival of my business depended on it, and it was that important. The phone book meant that I could get my business noticed by potential customers. Without an ad, no one would find my company. Flash ahead to today. That phone book ad is my website, and the site must be on Google search.*
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Now Here's Main St.

Now you got it!
Google is the most popular search engine and is the new phone book. OK stop right here... I don't need to hear any more about this. We are talking about 15 years ago. Well suit yourself, after all, it takes 15 to 20 years for people to accept change and we have now made it. I bought my first URL for my web-based advertising company ( in 1996. Our marketing consisted of a simple website with no advertising on a search engine. So here's the kicker there are businesses LOTS of businesses Today right this minute, who still don't get that the Google search engine is the phone book. And just like the phone book of old, they need to advertise in it to success. Or not and continue to fail. Is that YOU?
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Let Our Business - Help Your Business

X   A Consistent Message is Important.
X   New businesses must have a plan.
X   Know what keywords are.
X   Your Website must answer questions.

X   Talk to other business owners.
X   Know your competition.
X   Landing pages can work.
X   Think outside the box. 
X  Understand the importance of Searches.
X   Advertising your business is a must.
X   Try new things often.
X   Organic search vs. Pay-per-click.
We are a FULL SERVICE Advertising and Marketing Company.

Here are a few of the Services we provide.

A workman or women must have a full bag of tools to complete a project, in our advertising and marketing business we must use a whole bag of services.

A Billboard

When your motoring down the highway and you spot a billboard, the message is clear, prominent and mostly bright. It tells you a story, such as an available room, type of food or upcoming event. Our new Landing Page, with its message, can be that story, and it can be yours with our basic package.
  Basic Package  
Bill Board
Organic Search

Organic Search

All major search engines provide search results for a search that a person has requested on their search engine. These results are known as Organic Search results. There are millions of searches on search engine each day, an endless number of results pages. The closer your result is to the first page of that search result the better. But to be the first result on page one is KING! The organic searches are free, and every website can be on one. The critical aspect of an organic search is to be able to get your website or landing page to move up the various pages until your at the top spot (not an easy task).
  Bronze Package  

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is words lots of people have heard before but still don't get, or understands what they mean. Because of those two facts, most businesses find themselves on the wrong end of an S.E.O. Program. This type of S.E.O. can be costly, timely and not work. Most of that is because the company is providing the S.E.O. Doesn't explain, set-up, or manage the program correctly. But the real problem is there can only be one spot on a result page for any given search, with a Key Word or Key Phrase. And of course, everyone wants just that #1 spot and the S.E.O. company always promises it to each business.
  Our Silver Package  
1st place
Paid Per Click

Google Pay - Per - Click

Whether it's Search Engine Optimization or Google's Pay-Per-Click the one thing about PPC is it's easier to explain to a business owner. Because a PPC program can be mismanaged and costly It is essential that you get the program that suits your advertising needs. Our plans are different than most other companies program. To see and hear what the differences are, call us today. One question before we end this section. Would you trade me your $1. Bill for my $5. Bill?
  Our Gold Package  

How it Works

Your potential customer does a search for your product/service on Google. The results come back with your pay-per-click ad (instant visibility) as one of the first three paid ads. As you continue to scan the page, you notice that your Landing page is also in the organic search result, (much harder to achieve) wait your YouTube video is also in the results. You have several chances for the potential customer to click on one of your ads. 
It's, ok you can wake up now. That type of search result never happens to a real business.
Or does it?   Unless you call our sales guys you'll never know.
Your Business shows up on Main Street 
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