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Pay - Per - Click

Google's pay-per-click is a top-rated advertising program; businesses use it to promote all types of products/services. What most advertising programs do is shotgun their message to a broad audience of people and hope that their customer is in that group. With Google's PPC program a customer initiated a search looking for an item, and the hope is that your PPC ad will randomly come up in the pay ad section of a Google result page. When this happens, it can lead to your website (video on youtube, or display ad on your smartphone) being seen and your products being bought.

If the search brings you a click-thru, then you have to pay a fee to Google. If the potential customer doesn't click on your paid ad, then there is no charge. The impression is free. The national average for most click-thru is around 1%.

Our PPC program must understand your business to ensure that you get the most for your money. There are three critical elements to be followed: 

1. Keywords/phrases that describe your business to a "T"

2. The places where your customers can be found, starting with city/town.

3. And last but essential the schedule your ad need to run for you to be successful. (During business hours or 24 hours a day.)
  12 things every new and old business need to know and understand  
1. Advertising budget vary as your business ages.
4. Location is very important to success.
7. Good help is your life blood.
10. Good partners are hard to find.
2. Long hours are every day.
5. It takes 3-5 years to make money
8. To many customers can ruin you.
11. To little customers means the end.
3. Do you know who your customers are?
6. Know your business and it's strengths.
9. Organic search VS Pay-per-click .
12. Understand your weaknesses.

I Just got a Website and wanted to be noticed.

Well good luck with that, one of the leading ways to get noticed on a Google search has to do with how long your website has been on the internet. A new site can be on the internet for several weeks before you can even find your website if you type in the name (www.yourwebsitename.com) So how in the world will a potential customer be able to see your site with a random search.
What if I told you that I could get you notice after you been on the internet for a week or two. Indeed I have some advertising tools that can make that happen. If your website has been on the internet for several years, then that could make my job a little more comfortable, but honestly, it has to do with how your site is constructed.
I know you hear the story of the starving man, and you continue to feed him, and he continues to need to be feed, or he'll starve. So you suddenly get smart and teach him to fish, and now he can feed himself, problem solved. Wrong, he also has to feed his family and one fish every couple days won't do it. So how do you resolve that problem?   You Call Me!
poor and hungry
Learn to fish
learning how to fish for the family