Rank Me 1st - Where Business is GOOD at the Top!

Rank me 1st is a small company made up of a few people who have come up from the depths of the business world as small business owners. They like most small business owners had a dream, then an idea of how to make that dream into a business, then reality sets in for real. You realize very quickly that you know little or nothing about starting and operating a business.
Now, over 45 years later and many lessons learned you are well prepared to help other businesses and business people to fulfill their dreams.

Let Our Business - Help Your Business

1.  Budgets vary as your business ages.
2.  It takes 3-5 years to make money.
3.  Understand your weakness.
4.  Do you know who your customers are?
5.  Know your business, and it's strengths.
6.  Good partners are hard to find.
7.  Location is essential to success.
8.  Good help is your lifeblood.
9.   Understand the important of searches.
10.  Extended hours are every day.
11.  To many customers can ruin you.
12.  Organic search VS Pay-per-click .
  We are a FULL SERVICE Advertising and Marketing Company.  
When you're looking for a product/service how do you find it?

When your buying advertising how much is your payback? (105% -110% - more)

How do you choose what type of advertising you use to find customers?

Keeping a customer is different than finding a new one, and the cost is different.

Do you know the real cost of advertising?** The bottom line. 

What types of advertising do you use right now. ____ Paper ____ Radio ____ TV ____Bulletins ____Mailers ____ Phone Book ____Local Sports ____ Web Site ____Landing Page ____Word of Mouth ____Repeat Customers ____Billboard ____Bulletin Boards ____Tell a Friend ____Organic

** I'll give you a BIG Hint: If your getting no response from your current advertising program, the cost is more than paying for what you may think is a pricey form of advertising.

When you're watching a basketball game and a player is going for a layup, and the other team blocks the shot and rebounds the ball then throws it down the court scoring 2 points. The play is worst then it looks. The blue squad increased its score by two points, but it stopped the red team from scoring two points, so it was a 4 point swing. How does this work for my business? Well, you're spending money on various forms of advertising and not getting the return you want. (Because it's not attracting your customers) and your not spending that money where it would seek your customers, you lose twice.