Rank Me 1st  is for the business that wants to be seen by their customers.

$499. Free Video for your business.

Rank Me 1st is offering a FREE Video to you for your business.  This video is to promote your business and will be Parked on Youtube.com so it can be used by you on your Website, Facebook or E-mails.  The video itself will be approximately 30 to 45 seconds in length.  It will contain the three major elements that you want to convey to your potential customers.  What is your business, where is it located and what types of products or services do you provide?  We can include phone numbers, website/landing page address and hours.  Pictures or videos of the business will have to be provided by you, or a small charge may be included.  The video will have our music and can have a voice added at no charge.  If you want special music (provide by you) or a voiceover that can be an extra cost.  We will provide the script and the script can be edited by you one time for corrections or editing. You can use the video as much as you want at no additional costs.  

Once the video is complete and is ready for use we can explain how your video can be used to bring customers to your business for a low cost using the internet.  We are also looking into providing a free landing page to some businesses that don't have a website or landing page* and want to have a professional-looking way of reaching their customers.   * There would be a small monthly fee to maintain the landing page.

If you are interested in a FREE $499. promotional video you must contact us as soon as possible.  This offer will not last forever and can end with no notice.  We feel that helping small businesses is something that I personally have done for years when we had our television shows on local and network television stations.   

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  Here are a few of the FREE $499. Videos that we have made for Businesses.  
Diesel World Truck Sales
Windham Auto Sales
Lewis Motor Sales
American Used Auto Parts 
  Here are a few of the FREE Videos that we have made for Businesses.  
Za Pie Society Pizza
This video is being update and will be changed soon.
John' s Truck and Auto Salvage
Haulin' Auto Sales
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