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Our only advertising program consists of 6 main items. I will identify each and discuss it in a few words. I only need one because I built this program to work with your business and to cut this or that will ensure it won't work as built.

1. The first element of our advertising program is a Google search ad. This ad will consist of information you provide to me, and I will build a search to reach your potential customers. 
     A. Example of an ad: Used Diesel Trucks | 140 Trucks ready for Sale.‎
 Ad www.dieselworldtrucksales.com/‎
 Huge Inventory Used Diesel Trucks Call or visit today. 7 Days a week
 Financing available · We have many Dump Trucks · Service what we sell
 Categories: Utility Trucks, Cargo Vans, Flatbed Trucks
 Contact UsLooking for a make, model

     B. Example of Landing Page ad: http://seeuseddieseltruck.com/

2. The next step will be for me to create a Landing Page to capture more customers who are looking to use your product/service. 
     A. Example of Landing Page ad: http://seeuseddieseltruck.com/

3. Now that we have a Landing Page, S.E.O. will be built into the content including several keywords/phases and the city/town area.  
     A. Example of S.E.O. on a landing page: We have 140 used diesel & gas trucks for sale in Plaistow, NH.
New England's Largest Independent Used Diesel Truck Dealer, with over 140 ... Our truck dealership is located in Plaistow, NH., off of Route 495 exit 51B ...

4. I will then create a display ad with your business information, so it shows up on a high-level website on your smartphone.
     A. Example of the display ad: https://adwords-displayads.googleusercontent.com/da/b/dabAdPreview?hl=en_US&ad=260193316236&ocid=4157536962&showMulPreview=true&showVariations=true&s=58&sig=ACiVB_y8vmzJorjmmAb2Lw9edK3UOmQjYQ

5. A whiteboard or video about your business to explain what your product/service has to offer. This ad would be used both on your landing page and You tube.com. 
     A. Example of the whiteboard video at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhJlllf8ekM

6. Finally, we put your business on the second most popular website in the world with two types of ads.
     A.  Example of your youtube video page.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvElDMPJcNgcWcUEe7E7IKg

     You, can see the examples by copy and pasting the following links. or Looking at the samples at the bottom of this text.

Any Questions?
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Now, that your ready to start advertising you only need one more thing. The cost. Click on the button just below this group of words.
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