Rank Me 1st - Where Business is GOOD at the Top!

So you have been thinking for a while now, I want to start a business but how do I get started and how am I going to make sure that I have a successful business.   Having been involved with starting four small business during my lifetime I can honestly say that nobody knows the answers to thought questions.  I have several ideas and I would be happy to share them with you but to answer the questions can only be done when you have decided to jump in with both feet and make it happen.  

So let's stick with what I do know, that around 88% of all business conducted today will be done with the help of Google.  What I mean is that if someone is looking for a product or service they will find themselves searching for it on Google.  Therefore if your business can't be found on Google you have a problem, not a small problem but a HUGE problem.  So to quote the guy on the hotel commercials "Thanks Caption Obvious"  But, wait there is a lot more than the obvious here, you can do something about it.  You can get your business to be listed on the search engine called Google.  Now, I could write several books on how to accomplish this feat but we (you & I) don't have the time nor the want to do that.  So let's cut to the chase.  I will help you get your business on Google.  There I said it, I will get your business on the search engine Google so you can be found.  So, as a business owner, I solve your biggest problem.  You will have a chance to become successful and become the business you were hoping to be.  

To be totally honest with you, you can do that yourself.  Getting your business listed on Google is pretty easy to do and tens of thousands of businesses do it every day.  Yet tens of thousands of businesses are not listed on Google where it counts, on one of the first 3 pages of a given search.  But, there is more than 88% I talked about a little earlier referred to the first PAGE of Google, now that's where business is really good.  Businesses will tell you that you can't even imagine how good business if you're ranked on the first page of Google, It could possibly be the best single place to have your business found by customers searching for your product or service.

Image, that your customer searches for the very pair of boots that you sell at your business and your business doesn't come up, but a business 5 miles away from the city or town your business is located in and comes up on the first page (or for that matter second or third page of Google).  The customer orders the boots and doesn't even know that same pair of boots was available for less, 1 minute from their home.  I'm sad to say that this happens all day every day to businesses all over the world.  

Our advertising platform is designed to encourage your customers to seek out you business.  We have a proven way to ensure that this platform will be found both on Google and YouTube (also owned by Google).  We will provide you with several types of advertising tools and ensure that they are in your selling areas.  We will provide your business with the best information and direction on where and when to have your ads available to your potential customers.  We have several sizes of these products and go by the amount of money you have to budget for the success of your business.  Check out our Program Link.